I’ve had to admit to feeling a tad out of sorts this week. Just tired and grumpy with little enthusiasm for things I usually have lots of enthusiasm for.

That aside, there was plenty to like in the kitchen…

Something a little different with salmon…

Not really very different, it was more a twist on an old favourite – Salmon Nicoise. I simply pan-fried the salmon – although I was tempted to roast it with a little chilli and lemon juice – and served it with what I’m now calling the French potato salad. It’s one where I roast some kipfler potatoes, toss in some beans with about 10 minutes roasting time to go, and then dress it with Lyonnaise Salad dressing.

Something a little different with a spring roll…

Ok, this wasn’t in my kitchen, but rather Rice Boi’s at Mooloolaba’s Wharf. They do a spring roll with yellow curry chicken, banana and pickled ginger mayonnaise. Even though all the food at Rice Boi is amazing, I ordered these with some trepidation – I needn’t have been concerned. Super yum.

Getting ready for Christmas…

We love piccalilli – a spicy relish of chopped pickled veggies. It’s perfect for ham – and even more perfect to serve with Chrismas ham, which everyone knows tastes somehow better than ham at any other time of the year. It’s also fabulous with cheddar cheese and pork pies on a ploughman’s platter.

This year we decided to make our own. I sort of used this recipe by Jamie Oliver, but didn’t think so much about quantities – it was whatever I could get at the farmer’s market: half a head of cauliflower, a head of broccoli, a handful of long red chillis, a few long green chillis, a red capsicum, some French shallots – maybe 6? – a bag of green beans, a large bulb of fennel.

Anyways, it looks fabulous and the biggest challenge will be to leave it to sit in the cupboard for at least the next month.

Some comfort baking…

I’ve had a bit of an aha moment recently. I get asked a lot why it is that I like to bake when I don’t eat the results – I don’t tend to eat sweet foods…but don’t mind sugar in its fermented form as wine lol. Seriously though, my family can’t eat what I bake without all putting on too much weight so much of it gets sent into work with my daughter.

So why do I do it? I think it’s because baking comforts me when my brain is in overwhelm and overload mode – which it very often is. I juggle a day job with a career as an author. I also have an astrology website and am getting another food-based project off the ground – Clancy’s Campfire: glamping the camping.

Because I’m a “pantser” – do most things by the seat of my pants – baking with its weights and measures forces me to slow down, organise my thoughts (and my workspace) and focus on tasks.

This week I baked – or rather, didn’t bake – this cheesecake slice. The recipe is from a new (to me) website I found on Instagram, Cloudy Kitchen. I loved the look of these no-bake cheesecake slices with a berry coulis topping, and my family loves the taste.

I also churned up some strawberry ice cream with the egg yolks I had leftover (in the freezer) from the chocolate pavlova I made last week. Sadly my photo of this was very ordinary. Note to self – must learn how to style ice cream.

Until next time…




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