What’s on my plate – Beef and Broccoli Soboro

Some words trip off the tongue – “soboro” is one of those words. So is “donburi”, so why not join the two together?

In Japanese, donburi or don is the rice-bowl dish, the term is also used to refer to the rice dish within the dish – if that makes sense. As for the term soboro, well, that refers to the protein (meat, beef, fish or egg) that is cooked into small crumbled pieces, seasoned and served over steamed rice. Soboro don is, therefore, the quintessential Japanese comfort food.

I saw this recipe for the first time on Adam Liaw’s show on SBC – The Cook Up. You can watch him make it here. I immediately wanted to try it – but hubby was not so sure. He wrinkled his nose and said, ‘I don’t know how I feel about that.’

Perhaps it was because we were discussing this at 5am on our normal walk when it was still pitch black and the head lamps from the kayakers looked like little fireflies in the ocean. Perhaps it was my description that didn’t do it justice. The conversation went something like this:

‘What’s for dinner darlin?’

‘Beef and broccoli sorboro. I saw it last night on Adam Liaw’s show. It looked nice.’

‘What is it?’

‘Minced beef cooked with Japanese style stuff and served with overcooked crumbled egg and steamed broccoli and beans on rice.’

Yeah… come to think on it, I’d probably wrinkle my nose too.

The beef mince (ground beef if you’re reading this in the US) is cooked with a teriyaki style sauce – soy sauce, sake, caster sugar, mirin. The eggs are scrambled with a little mirin, sesame oil and a touch of caster sugar. The beans and broccoli are blanched so they still have crunch and that fabulous greenness.

To serve, the rice is pressed down lightly in the bowl to form a flat surface, with the beef, veg and egg arranged in sections on top. Pop some sriracha on the table for a little heat and dinner is done. In fifteen minutes. Too easy.

And the verdict? Let’s just say this one’s a midweek keeper – and you can find the recipe here.

Linking up with Donna from Retirement Reflections and her co-host Deb The Widow Badass Blog in their #whatsonyourplateblogchallenge

Author: Jo

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5 thoughts

  1. Hi, Jo – I never realized that I wasn’t actually subscribed to this site. I have now changed that!
    This recipe looks delicious — and has made me homesick for Asia. With Creighton moving to HK shortly, I see more authentic Asian dishes in my future — and hopefully a return trip to Australia (since I will be partway there)! 😀 Thank you for diarizing WOYP and for linking up with us. Deb & I greatly appreciate it!


    1. Oh wow, he’s going to HK? How fabulous! I love that city! (and, as an aside, how weren’t you subscribed to BKD???)😀 As for the recipe, I’ve done this with salmon too. The variations are endless.


  2. I’ve never actually made this although I’ve had it at restaurants – now that you’ve broken it down and as I am thinking of it, the variations are endless! And not difficult to vegetarianise as well!


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