Spiced Red Onion and Cheese Scones (and a Garlic, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Soup)

Those of you who have read Escape To Curlew Cottage know I’m a massive fan of scones – after all (you know what I’m going to say here), the world would be a better place with more tea and scones.

And, let me tell you, the world is a better place with these scones in it.

What’s not to like? Soft red onions, a spice mix of ginger and cumin, a touch of pomegranate molasses, and two cheeses – feta and mozzarella. (You can probably go without the pomegranate molasses if you don’t have any in the pantry.)

There’s no messy rolling and cutting into shapes – rustic wedges are all that’s required here. These will, I’ve decided, be featuring in the Philomena Barker mystery series which, I’ve decided, I’ll be beginning on September 1.

For now, though, you can find the recipe, by Dan Lepard, here.

To go with the scones I made this garlic, sweet potato and chickpea soup – also by Dan Lepard. I ate it in the sun for the perfect solo Sunday lunch – plus, there’s leftovers of the soup for this week’s work lunches and the scones (apparently) freeze quite well.

Give it a go.

Oh, for those who are following along with the vintage china, this one is by Alfred Meakin. The pattern is “Pastoral” and it dates (probably) back to the 1950s.

Author: Jo

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