Although we live in South East Queensland, when I think of Christmas cooking and Christmas tables my mind turns to the northern hemisphere. It stands to reason then, that the food I read about and the recipes I want to cook are… Read More

I’ve had to admit to feeling a tad out of sorts this week. Just tired and grumpy with little enthusiasm for things I usually have lots of enthusiasm for. That aside, there was plenty to like in the kitchen… Something a little… Read More

It’s been an up and down week in the kitchen. We had friends up from Brisbane for lunch last Sunday. It was one of those fabulously blue early Spring days that South East Queensland does so well. The sort of day that… Read More

Sunrise is now well before 6am and Spring is definitely in the air. On my walk this morning I watched some whales breaching not far off the Headland. They’re on their way back down to Antarctica, but seeing them is always a… Read More

It’s that time of the year where everything seems a little warmer and a little bluer. Officially it’s Spring, but here in South-East Queensland spring tends to be a fleeting transition into summer. As the sun comes out, so do the healthy… Read More

  Jimmy’s Cafe and Catering at Warana here on the Sunshine Coast does a monthly dinner featuring a single ingredient.  It’s a concept that I love – one ingredient used in each course of a four-course menu. This month it was pumpkin… Read More

We’re fortunate in Australia that we can get most produce all year round. Having said that, I’m not sure that I’ve ever enjoyed strawberries as much as I do here on the Sunshine Coast. I think it has less to do with… Read More

I’ve been making scones for as long as I can remember. Mum always said that I was good at it because I had cold hands or something – I was able to rub the butter into the flour without the butter melting…. Read More

In the opening scene of the most recent (and I think best) version of Murder on the Orient Express, a servant boy is seen running around town to fetch some fresh eggs. The eggs are boiled and presented beautifully in front of… Read More