Project Type: Asian Style

Posh Tom Kha – Creamy Coconut & Galangal Soup

We were doing some holiday planning for later in the year and the conversation turned, as it so often does, to memories of other holidays – and specifically, the time we spent in Kamala at Phuket on our way back from the… Read More

Lunchtime Noodles

Strictly speaking, these aren’t, of course, only for lunchtime; you can have them whenever you want. In fact, they’re particularly effective after a heavy night – or so I’ve been told. In fact, the recipe they’re based on is Nigella’s Drunken Noodles –… Read More

Balinese Grilled Fish

We’ve been having a few Bali cravings of late so decided to channel the barbecued fish in Jimbaran, Tanah Lot and some of those other beachside seafood warungs. Sure, they’re touristy, but there’s really something about sitting on the beach with your… Read More

Spicy Duck Soup

I love noodle soups and I love duck – so what better solution for a (relatively) speedy dinner than a spicy pho-style noodle soup with duck? Okay, you could make it even quicker to get onto the table by shredding some store-bought… Read More

Vietnamese-style Beef Noodle Soup

Every culture has one – a dish that makes you feel so good inside, it can’t possibly be wrong. A dish that tastes like it should be good for you, that it should be able to beat anything that ails you into… Read More

Kapitan Chicken

I’ve been cooking this curry for years – it’s one of my husband’s favourites.  It’s from Adam Liaw’s first book, Two Kitchens, but we’ve mucked about with the quantities and ingredients a tad – as you tend to do with recipes. Some… Read More

Bun Cha

Now that Spring is upon us we’re looking for something lighter and cooler. Vietnamese-style noodle salads like this one deliver on both counts – yet are full of flavour and won’t weigh you down. We like this for lunch on a weekend… Read More