Project Type: Breads

Potato Scones

Mr T is Scottish- well, he was born in a place called Falkirk; it’s near Stirling – but he can’t even fake an “auch aye” these days. Nor does he like whisky. I know…it’s tough to imagine such a thing. Thankfully I’m… Read More


It’s winter – even if the blue sky is telling you otherwise – and at winter your fancy turns to comfort food and cups of tea. And what can be better comfort food than toasty warm crumpets with melting butter and jam… Read More


I don’t really know whether it’s more correct to call this focaccia than flatbread – it certainly looked like focaccia. The recipe, however, says that it’s flatbread – or, rather, Schiacciata All’ Fungi (Flatbread with Mushroom) – so flatbread it is. I’ve never… Read More