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Ginger and 5 Spice Bundt Cake

Back in 2015, we spent the leadup to Christmas in the UK. It changed our idea of Christmas forever. Sure, Christmas in Australia is great. It’s the beginning of our summer holidays and there’s a real carefree feeling in the air. It… Read More

Orange and Cardamon Cake

We’re having friends over for lunch today. When I announced that I was going to bake the orange and almond cake, my hubby said, ‘don’t you mean the orange and cardamon?’ ‘No,’ I replied, ‘the orange and almond.’ ‘I’m sure you said… Read More

Orange and Almond Cake

There’s a cafe slash giftshop slash whatever about 5kms north of Stanthorpe on the highway. Vincenzo’s I think it’s called… well, something like that. Although Warwick is the next reasonable sized town and isn’t too far away, we’ve never liked to stop… Read More