Project Type: chocolate

Christmas Crack

Ok, I need to say at the outset that this really is the name of the recipe. Christmas Crack. My friend made some for her builders and wondered whether she could therefore legitimately call it Builder’s Crack? Hmmm….you’re probably going to need… Read More

Christmas Crackles

I first saw this recipe on The Annoyed Thyroid and knew immediately that I had to make it. A heap of them have made their way to my daughter’s workplace, the charity that my husband volunteers for, and the recipe has even… Read More

Chocolate Pavlova

This is probably the most requested dessert I make – and why wouldn’t it be? Chocolate. Pavlova. Cream. Berries. It has all the food groups covered. Plus it’s a Nigella recipe – from her Forever Summer book – and that makes all… Read More

Chocolate Olive Oil Mousse

My protagonist, Kate Spence, makes a batch of these chocolate olive oil mousses in a scene in my novel Happy Ever After. It’s one of those scenes – you know, the ones where the story changes direction, and these little mousses are partly… Read More