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Nigella’s Lemon Pavlova

This is a pav to top all pavlovas. According to my citrus loving, pav-suspicious husband, it is the perfect pav. It’s not too sweet, has the tang of citrus, is marshmallowy soft inside, and the meringue outer shell is crisp and cracky…. Read More

Lemon Curd

Nigella’s lemon curd pavlova has become traditional for Christmas Day in our house. These days though I make my own lemon curd – or lemon butter as we used to call it. Not only does it use up a couple of the… Read More

Christmas Crack

Ok, I need to say at the outset that this really is the name of the recipe. Christmas Crack. My friend made some for her builders and wondered whether she could therefore legitimately call it Builder’s Crack? Hmmm….you’re probably going to need… Read More


We first came across Speculoos (or Speculaas, Spekulatius) when we were in Northern France and Belgium earlier this year. Not only were they addictive, but the crumb was used in plenty of other dishes – from cheesecakes to Carbonnade – the Belgian… Read More

Parmesan Shortbread

Although I’m rarely tempted by sweets (despite the amount of baking that I do), I have difficulty resisting cheese and biscuits. These days, however, cheese doesn’t like me as much as I like it – although that’s getting a tad into too… Read More

Ginger and 5 Spice Bundt Cake

Back in 2015, we spent the leadup to Christmas in the UK. It changed our idea of Christmas forever. Sure, Christmas in Australia is great. It’s the beginning of our summer holidays and there’s a real carefree feeling in the air. It… Read More

Pommes Anna

Potatoes Anna. It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? As you probably will have guessed by now, this dish is a classical French one – dating back (probably) to the reign of Napoleon III – and is remarkably… Read More

Rum Balls

In the spirit of blogging some Christmassy treats, allow me to present to you my rum balls. I’ve been making these since I was a teenager, so be warned, they are seriously daggy. They are also seriously sweet, so if you’re on… Read More

Christmas Crackles

I first saw this recipe on The Annoyed Thyroid and knew immediately that I had to make it. A heap of them have made their way to my daughter’s workplace, the charity that my husband volunteers for, and the recipe has even… Read More

Potato Scones

Mr T is Scottish- well, he was born in a place called Falkirk; it’s near Stirling – but he can’t even fake an “auch aye” these days. Nor does he like whisky. I know…it’s tough to imagine such a thing. Thankfully I’m… Read More