About BKD

Hi, I’m Joanne Tracey and I’m an author. I write contemporary women’s fiction – or what some term “chick lit”. You can find my books here.

A couple of years I published a book titled Wish You Were Here. The leading lady in that book was a character named Maxine (Max) Henderson. Max lived in a (fictional) village in The Cotswolds called Brookford.

Max worked in a nursery in Brookford – one of those ones that sell gifts as well as plants, with a little local produce on the side.  She took what was in season and wrote a monthly newsletter for the shop – what to plant, what to harvest, and what to do with it. It was a kitchen diary of sorts, detailing what she’d been baking or cooking from the ingredients available – seasonal home cooking at it’s absolute best.

Max now lives in Queenstown and is still baking, but through her, I’ve discovered a love for writing about food – so much that the next novel, Happy Ever After, also fell firmly into foodie lit territory. This time though, food and family were closely intertwined.

My new novel – Escape To Curlew Cottage – takes us back to Brookford, back into the kitchen and also introduced us to reality TV cook, Claire Mansfield and the ladies of The Cotswolds Cookery and Culinary Society.

On this blog, I’ll be talking about food – and only food. It’s my kitchen diary – where I tell you what I’m cooking, what’s inspiring me, what I’m procrastibaking and what I’m testing to use in my next novel. Some weeks there’ll be recipes, and some weeks it will be more of a ramble.

I hope that you’ll join me.

If you’d like to look at my books (and I really hope that you do) you can find all things book related at my author website, and if you’re interested in keeping up with my rambles and other travels, you can do that my other blog andanyways.

And finally, something about the recipes. This is about feel-good food, food that makes you feel good, or at least helps you feel good, or at the very least helps you feel better than you felt before you read it. It’s not about guilt and it’s not about health or any of those other things – although some recipes absolutely might be healthy. It’s also mostly about baking because the world would be a nicer place if only there were more tea and scones.